This is What We Do

With only 19 days left of school, we still have a lot to learn.  This is what has been going on in our busy classroom recently...

Opinion writing: we have been learning the basic structure of opinion writing by solving puzzles and writing our own opinion pieces about school, countries, games, food, etc. We also did a little bit of debating to help us think of reasons to support our opinions.

In our Unit of Inquiry, we continue to learn about how to help the earth.  Here's our See Think Wonder we did...

Ms. Phebe reread a story to help us remember how to help the earth.

We played Quiz-Quiz-Trade to learn new vocabulary words about our unit.
A student shared how she reused items to make art.
We also put together jigsaw puzzles to help learn new vocabulary.
Looking for the right jigsaw piece.

Puzzles complete!
We learned the different ways to spell the long A sound.

Playing a new math game to help with our math facts.

Playing "Guess My Number" with our new counting board.

Some 5th graders taught us about worms.

They also taught us about composting.

And then we made our own compost!!  It was messy and fun!

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