Happy 1 Month Anniversary!

We have been in school for one month now and it's amazing how much we have accomplished.  We've made new friends, learned how to be first graders, built our reading stamina, and developed new skills.

Sharing his shoe box.
Sharing is a big part of class.  We share work we done, we share information about ourselves, share ways to solve problems, and we share materials.  Here is some of our sharing in class.

Sharing her pepper with the class.

Sharing with us how she solved the math problem using her head and fingers.
Miss Haizlip shared a new phonics song with the class.

Sharing our ideas to help define what important means.

As part of our Reader's Workshop, we do The Daily 5 and learned how to properly share during Read to Someone.

Making new friends and working with others is also important to us.  We work with different teachers and different students whenever we can.

Ms. Mayu helping us with our stamina for Read to Someone.  We're up to 10 minutes so far!
Finding their partner to make 10.

8 and 2?  Yes! We are partners to make 10.
After reading My Friends, we wrote about things we have learned from our friends

We made so many new friends this week when the 9th graders came in to interview us for our Little Heroes stories.  We had a great time getting to know one another and we are looking forward to the great stories featuring us!

We also learned some new skills this week in reading, math, and writing!

Practicing how to underline words we don't know how to spell.
Our first time working in our handwriting books.

Thinking hard during our math Daily Do Now!

Our Week of Learning

Check out our learning from this week!

We are a fun family!
Learning how to be balanced.

Shoe box sharing!

She had this in her shoe box.  Can you guess what is represents?

Finding the different ways to make 10.
Writing different number sentences that equal 10.

How many squares are there?!

Here are some of the tools that students used to figure out how many squares there were.  Some tools and strategies worked better than others.

In writing we learned how important our illustrations are.

Exploring wordless books to help us with our writing.
Our illustrations help us tell our stories.
Sharing our illustrations with others.

Our illustrations can show emotions.

Holding Chrysanthemum's crushed heart.  We learned how important it is to be kind to others.