Words From the Students

Here are some of our recent highlights in our learning.  Read the captions told from the students to figure out what's going on!

"Ms. Phebe is reading the last Piggie and Gerald story."
"We found some centipedes in the ES playground and one I found in Serendra."

"Jasminka found a bug in the elevator."

"Jasminka is passing around the bug.  It was kind of ticklish!"

"Jasminka put the bug to its habitat."

"We are saving a bug and putting it in nature."

"It shows about nature and it is helping the earth."

"This is helping the earth because it's helping animals too."

"People were planting plants to help nature."

"We made this make more soil and reduce garbage in the landfill."
"We are trying to find out how many bags of popcorn we need for our party."

"She's finding out how many bags of popcorn we need."

"Kester is trying to find how many bags of popcorn we need for the class party."
"Neel is trying to get the right amount for the popcorn bags."
"I'm saying to Nicholas what my idea was."

Me and Julian got the answer of how many popcorn bags we need and it was 7!"

"They are reducing Post-It notes because they are reusing the back."

"It's telling people to turn off the lights, but it's also hurting the earth because it's a new piece of paper."

"These people are hurting the earth because they are digging soil."

"It is hurting the earth because they could reuse things or recycle them. It's also helping because this used to be a tire."

"They are using new paper, which is hurting the earth."

"It tells people to save the earth."

"They are reusing Post-It notes."

"Kindergarten wasted paper."

"These are the ISM recycling bins. This is telling you where to put your trash."

"They are telling people how to recycle properly, but they did not reuse paper to make this."

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