Going Green!

The Lightning Cheetahs are going GREEN!  Granted, some of us thought that going green meant painting yourselves green or meant being happy (since being blue means being sad).  We figured out what "going green" means and we are making the effort to have a positive impact on the environment.

Here are some things we are doing to help us towards our goal of being "greener"...

Reading books about how we can realistically help the earth and the kind of impact we have on our environment.

Thinking of our own ideas to help the earth and writing them down so we don't forget.

Going to the 6th graders presentations about new inventions that could help the earth.

Recording how much trash we produce as a class and trying to reduce it.  We did a pretty good job!!

Visiting the art exhibit and admiring the work created by reusing everyday materials.

Making our own paper from the old paper we had in our classroom.

Celebrating Earth Hour during No Impact Week by shutting off the electricity in our classroom and having our writing lesson outside!

Creating our 28-Day Challenge journals (we reused old paper).  Everyone thought of one thing they could try for 28 days that could help the earth: take shorter showers, turn off the lights when you leave a room, no more straws, use fewer napkins, have less screen time, etc.


Reusing old t-shirts to make bags!

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