Save the Earth!

Our new unit has kicked off and it's about a topic that concerns everyone.  We will be learning about how people can establish practices in order to sustain and maintain the earth's resources.  Basically the students will realize how humans impact the earth and how we can have a more positive impact on our environment.

We started the unit off doing a P4C (Philosophy for Children).  First we watched the video below...

Then we worked with partners and groups to come up with questions we wanted the class to discuss...

"Why do they treat nature so badly?"

These are the 5 questions the students came up with...

After a class vote, this was the question they decided they wanted to discuss...

"Why don't people care if there is a dead animal, like a bird,
on the ground and how can we help?

The following day, the students led their own discussion about the question they had chosen.  They had a lot of thoughtful ideas.

Later in the week, we made mind maps about how we can hurt and help our environment.

"We hurt the earth by putting oil in the water and killing animals."

"We can help the earth by cleaning up trash and not killing trees."

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