Kelso, Vowels, and Silly Sentences

We continued to work on using Kelso's Choices to help solve small problems on our own.  Everyone is getting the hang of it and performed skits showing how we could use Kelso's Choices.

Someone cuts in front of you...
Talk it out with an I-message!

Someone is sitting in a spot you want..
Make a deal to take turns sitting there.

You both want the same book...

Someone is bothering you while you're working...
Tell them to stop or walk away.

Someone is cheating while you're playing a game...
Go to another game.

We are getting the hang of our short vowel sounds, so we started working on our long vowels.  We had to sort words depending on if they made the short or long vowel sound.

Hmmm...would it be "him" or "hime"?

Finally, here are some of the sentences and pictures we created during our Silly Sentences center.

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