Choices, Choices, Choices

This week we had many opportunities to make different kinds of choices.

Students voiced their opinions during our "Agree/Disagree" session.  They had to decide if they agreed with a statement or disagreed.  For instance, if math is hard for you now, it will be hard for you in 2nd Grade.  Agree or disagree?

These boys agreed that people are born smart.

People are born smart?  These students do not agree with that statement and told us why.

We also had free choice center time during math. Having the freedom to choose led to more cooperation in the groups and a better experience for everyone!

Dominoes anyone?

This center was not "fun" for some people, so they eventually left and chose a different center.
We also learned some new choices we could make thanks for Kelso.  When we have a small problem, we have 9 choices to help us solve the problem on our own.

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