Practicing Some Transdisciplinary Skills

We spent a lot of time this week getting to know ourselves as learners.  We also reviewed our transdisciplinary skills (communication, connection and collaboration, personal management and reflection, research, and critical thinking and problem solving).

We practiced our communication skills by having a sharing (show and tell) session.  Students used speaking with details to convey their thoughts and ideas.

Nata communicated what happened at her birthday part.

Oliver uses speaking to communicate to us about his toy made from scrap metal.

Good communicators also ask questions.

Being a good communicator means being able to listen properly.

We did a great job at listening during our assembly today.
The teachers communicated this story by acting it out. 

 We can communicate through writing.

Later, we practiced reflecting on how we are as learners.  We used mirrors to talk to our reflections about what we do well, what we need to work on, and the good/not so good parts of day.

We reflected on what helps us write better.

These student prefer to type their stories.

Some like to just use paper and a pencil.

This group realized that they like to write in a quieter part of the classroom.

We ended the week with a collaboration activity.  We had to work together and use 2 clipboards to get our team from one side of the room to the other without touching the carpet.  Yikes!  It was hard, but it's a good thing that the Lightning Cheetahs like doing hard things!

There was a lot of collaborating, communicating, and planning.

There were many different strategies that we tried.

Many strategies didn't work, but no one ever gave up!

One team eventually figured out how to get everyone across!

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