A Week Filled with Shapes and Structures

This week we did a lot of explorations with shapes and their attributes.  We learned some "fancy" math words like vertices, right angle, ellipse, and rhombus.

We drew shapes that we knew and saw which similarities they had.

W played "Guess the Rule" to learn about right angles.
We figures out the all the shapes on the left had a
"part of a square" in them.
We showed our learning by completing a table listing
 the different attributes of the shapes we learned.

We are learning about structures and buildings and the environment and finished building and rebuilding our nests using materials that we found in nature.

We ended the week with a "See, Think, Wonder".  We went to the very top of the school, took at look at the view, and made notes about what we saw, thought, and wondered.

What do you see?
What does is make you think or feel?
What do you wonder?

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