A Week of Building

We had a week full of buildings!  Looking at buildings, creating buildings, making buildings, and building shapes.  We are becoming experts!

We started off the week using materials found in our classroom environment to make our own structures.  We found magnets, solid figures, building straws, linking cubes, and more! 

We later realized that our buildings were not suited for our classroom environment and we took them down.

Later in the week, we had our first FIELD TRIP!  We were all really excited to see a construction site from above.  We learned where the materials came from, how much it cost to build the building, how long it would take to build, and how the building affects the environment (lots of pollution).

We also saw a model of Fort Bonifacio and found some familiar buildings.  Then we took at look at some designs and decorations we could use for a house.


 At the end of the week, we read Wendesday and built new shapes using just a circle and a square!  A combination of shapes, creativity, and building!

 Image result for wednesday anne bertier


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