A Whole Lot of Learning Going On!

We started off the week with some new (and old) math centers, and discovered math on our own playground!

What math do you see?!  We found circles, spheres, triangles, and cylinders.  We saw two people playing tether ball, but one went away.  Then another went away, and now there are zero people playing tether ball.

We also finished up our creativity projects.  Look at the different colors we created by mixing colors together!

During the week we changed our table groups and worked together to create new table names! *Special thanks for Yanna Yang from middle school for taking some of the photos (hers are the ones that look way better than the others)!*

Meet the Very Best Table Bearcats! 
Here are the Golden Puppies Titans.
Say hello to the Crystal Dragons!

The Golden Jaguars working hard.
The Lightning Dolphins!

We ended the week with our first Grade 4 buddy session with the Fire Ninjas.  We asked each other questions and we read our directions on how to brush your teeth to them to see if we had written the instructions properly.

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