Take Two!

We had a great second full week of school!

This week we focused on expectations and routines by really working on being safe, responsible, and respectful.

We were having a hard time remembering how to be safe, responsible, and respectful, so the students decided to make signs and post them around the classroom to help remind us what to do.


Push in your chairs.
Pack away your things.

Listen to the teacher.
Hug safely.

Sit properly on the carpet
We read David Goes to School and came up with ways to help David behave properly.

After reading David Goes to School, we came up with ideas of what a safe and friendly classroom would be like.

We combined all of our ideas and came up with Our Essential Agreement to be displayed for all to see!

We also discussed what good readers do and talked about our expected behaviors during Read to Self.

Read quietly the whole time!
Pick a safe place to read.

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