Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

We are really starting to get into the swing of things.  We are doing well with our math by learning how to do number talks and properly work in our math centers.

Our independent reading stamina is steadily increasing and we are in love with writing.  It's so nice to hear the students say that they want more writing time!!

Here are some photos of us hard at work writing stories about Star Wars, soccer, the Noo Noo twins (a new series started by a few students), play dates, pizza, our friends, and many other things that are important to us.

Sometimes we get "writer's block" so we each came up with at least 8 ideas of things that we could write about: playing soccer, losing a tooth, play dates, food, going to see a movie, holidays, friends, houses, etc.

And of course we love to share our writing with the class!

We are becoming great mathematicians who are able to explain our thinking and work cooperatively to solve problems.

Using dots cards for our Number Talk.  You have two seconds to see how many dots there are!

Tess explaining how she got her answer.

Now it's Sophia's turn to explain her reasoning.

Here are some of the math centers we have been doing.  We have learned how to do each task, how to work cooperatively, and how to use our inside voices during this time.

Choose 2 cards and see if they equal 10.

Figure out which shapes are needed to make the larger shape.


Roll the dice, move your counter, and see who can make it to 120 the fastest.

In addition to Monster Math, we learned to play the Incey Wincey Spider game and Guess My Number.

Guess My Number

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