Family Traditions

What traditions do you remember having when growing up? What tradition did you enjoy the most?  What traditions do you still hold onto today?

Our current unit is about traditions and it's been great to stroll down memory lane to recall some of my own traditions and to learn about so many other traditions.  Did you know that there is a tooth mouse??!!!  And a unique egg cracking game played during Easter?

We have spent the last few weeks learning about the traditions of our own families, the traditions of others, and how we are connected to one another through traditions, beliefs, and values.

We started off learning about the Grade One Teachers' family traditions and saw connections between many of them.  

Each student has had the opportunity to show and discuss the important traditions of their families - spending time travelling together, reading bedtime stories, a shared love of pets, special foods, exercise, money, education, everything!  It's great to see how proud each student is of his/her family's traditions and the connections they have to others.

A fish?  Her family enjoys swimming.
They collect a special rock from every place they visit.

They love spending time with nature.

One of the highlights of this unit has been the parent presentations.  So many parents have volunteered to give a short presentation about a tradition that is important to their family.  Students have lit up with pride and joy when their parent has come to share with the class.  This has also helped build the bond between school and home.  Thank you, parents, for all of your support!

Music is a must in this family.

Learning about the tooth mouse.

Visitors from Sweden told us about the importance of  summer.

Easter is a tradition this family loves.

A fun Easter egg cracking game we learned.

Goodbye, winter!  Hello, summer!

We learned how important football is in Argentina.

We learned how to make paper cranes.

Appreciating parents is a great tradition.

Wyoming plays an important part in this family.

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