We have been learning about family traditions, what is important to our families, and how we are connected/similar to others.  The students have had a great time sharing their shoe boxes that are filled with items that represent things that are important to them and their families.

We also had several families come in and share the traditions from their countries.  We learned so much and realized that we all have a lot in common.

Cooking is important to her family.  Especially making desserts!

Music plays a big role in his family's traditions and celebrations!

Here is his dad! They play music together as a family.

Spending time with her family is something they do every summer.

Her mom explained some of the traditions that take place where they're from.

Dinosaurs and learning about dinosaurs is a fun family activity.

Having a schedule and learning about time plays a big role in her life.

Summer is so important in the Swedish culture, that they even had a traditional dance they do to celebrate!

A tooth mouse?!  They taught us about the tradition that happens when you lose a tooth.

We are really looking forward to learning more about ourselves and others.  It's great to see how different, yet similar, we all are!

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