We Were Quite Active This Week!

What a fun-filled and exciting week we had!

This week we learned that our unit is about people showing their ideas in different ways..  We brainstormed what we thought creativity means.  We think creativity mostly means making new stuff and adding details.

We went to art and we were making a bird out of special clay.  We were creative by making a creative bird.

We took pictures of things that we saw around the school and thought were creative.  We saw creative pictures, murals, a class being creative by using paper to make things, hair, paintings, and drawings.

We also saw some videos of people being creative like an old man playing soccer and a kid dancing.

In reading we learned to use Lips the Fish to read a word we don't know.

In math we how to use different math tools to help us to do math.

Draw pictures

Use counters

Use a number line

It's a rekenrek!

We also watched the girls soccer team play SAS, and we practiced our handwriting and where to start our letters.

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