Our Very CREATIVE Week!

We have been learning about what creativity means and this week we had the chance to see how other people are creative.

We started off the week with our special guest, Mr. Paul.  He taught us different ways to be creative on the stage or in theater.  He gave us a lot of ideas to help improve our acting of The Three Little Pigs.
When we wear a mask, we have to move our body to match the mask.

Using our imagination to imagine the puppet's face.

Then we read Not A Box and created our own "not a boxes". We brought boxes to school and used our creativity to change our boxes into other things like a house, tables, televisions, magic mirrors, and robots.

Next, Ms. Amanda came in a showed us her creativity when she dances ballet.  She even taught us some ballet steps that we can practice!

Ms. Seiko came in to teach us about using our creativity to make sushi.  It was the first time a lot of us made sushi and we had a great time eating our creative work.

Lastly, we visited Ms. Morgan class to learn how Aboriginals used dots to create their art.  We had a chance to trace our hands and use cotton swabs to make our own dot art!

In art we used our creativity to make clay birds.  All of our birds looked different and we can't wait to paint them and add feathers!

We also learned about being self-directed this week.  Some of us pick things up off the ground and help other students without being asked.

Next week we hope to see more special guests to learn more about creativity!

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