Week of New Learning

A new (Chinese) year and a lot of new things we learned this week!

Ms. Anne tells us what's important to her and her family.

Mr. Riley said that his family is important to him.

Learning is important to Ms. Randee and her family.

Wow!  Ms. Fi also said that learning and school is important to her!

Christmas is always an important to Miss Haizlip and her family.

Ms. Laura tells a story about an family Easter tradition about eggs and hills!

Cooking is important to Ms. Kathleen.
 We started a new unit on measurement and data collection.  We're off to a good start!

Using book boxes to measure the carpet so we could replace the tape.

Using the book box to mark the tape.

Did we measure accurately?


Let's use paper for the next measuring task.

Now folders!

How about chairs?


Markers worked better!

We also measured the length of our names. 

We discovered how author's use end punctuation in their writing.

We went on a punctuation hunt!

Mo Willems used all 3 end punctuation marks on one page!!

Grade 6 taught us about nutrients in healthy food.

Healthy and nutritious kiwi!

We learned how to retell using a glove!

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