We Are Soooooo Balanced!!

We have spent a lot of time working on the disposition BALANCED this week.  It started with a storytelling from Mr. Laing and carried on throughout the week.

Things we can do to be balanced.

At first, some students thought balanced only meant that you were able to do something without falling over.  After hearing the story about Piggie who played and did lots of different things and Gerald who only wanted to play one thing, the students realized what balanced meant and came up with their own list of things you could do to be balanced.

Our list of ideas on how to make new friends!

Early in the week, the class decided that they wanted to show being balanced by playing with different friends.  During each break, they were reminded to try to play with someone new.

At the end of the week, we reflected on how well we were able to accomplish the goal and HOW we accomplished the goal.

They created a list of things that they tried when making new friends. Then they decided to hang the poster outside of the classroom so that other students could use it during break time in case they needed some ideas for how to make friends!

Jamie did a great job of achieving the goal of making new friends.

To wrap up our learning about being balanced, each student explained how he/she was balanced and pinned his/her photo to our disposition wall.  Some students were balanced by playing new games, eating in a different area, sitting by someone new, or playing with different people.  We look forward to learning and showing more ways to be balanced throughout the year and our lives!!

We are ALL balanced!!

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