A Short But Busy Week

We were only in school for 3 days this week, but we did a lot!

Our new goal last week and this week was to listen to instructions.  We decided to have this goal for two weeks because we needed to practice it some more.

On Monday, Mr. Steve told all of Grade One about The Three Little Pigs!
Mr. Steve is very entertaining!

Last week the Preschool teacher sent us a message asking us to help teach their students about caring. This week we started making the video for the Preschool students to teach them about what caring means.  We are teaching them how to be caring to toys, people, nature, air, books, plants, animals, and other stuff.

In PE, we played tag and got to choose stations where we could throw a ball using a tennis racket.

In art we finished our Dr. Seuss fish!

The Grade 9 students came to our class and asked us some questions about ourselves so that they could make a story about us being a hero.  They will use the information they asked us to help them make the story.

This week we only had time to do Read to Someone and it was fun!

In math we learned how to use Rekenreks and math bars to find different ways to make 10!

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