Cheetahs on the Prowl!

This week we really focused on our listening skills, reading, and writing.

This is Nikola's listening!
The students were introduced to Whole Body Listening and have been practicing how to listen with many different parts of their body.  Being able to listen to others properly is an essential skill that will allow students to learn better, participate more, and show respect to others.  Now they know the signs of when someone is listening and when they are not.

Practicing whole body listening.
This is how Nata shows whole body listening.
This is how you know Areya is listening.

The Lightning Cheetahs love to read!  We started off the week with our first parent reading session and had so many families come and read to their own child and as well as other children.  It was an amazing sight to see all the parents and students snuggling up to one another and being completely engaged in their books.  We will definitely look forward to starting off our weeks with this fun family reading time.

Everyone enjoyed their reading together and it was nice to have some extra family time happening at school!

The students officially started in class buddy reading.  They get excited to do EEKK (elbow, elbow, knee, knee) with their partners and they love having that extra support for those challenging words.

We are at the start of our writing workshop.  The students have learned how to use lined paper and are practicing their letter formations as well as getting their thoughts on paper through pictures and words.

The students have learned that they DO NOT have to spell all the words correctly.  They know they can write the sounds they hear, try their best, underline the word if they are not sure of the spelling, and move on.  It's more important that they are getting their thoughts on paper rather than agonizing over how to spell a word, which contributes to them to losing their focus. It is always fascinating to see how students progress through the different stages of writing and we are all excited to see this growth!

The students have worked together to create the final design of our class shirt!  It was a long process, but everyone is really happy with the final result.  We can't wait to start showing off our collaborative effort.


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